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Your Questions About Can You Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

Linda asks…

Bottled water vs. Tap Water, What are your thoughts?

I hate the taste of tap water, even with a filter of some sort it still to me taste bad. I like Reverse Osmosis water (without minerals, they make it taste like licking a dirty rock), but I know bottled water is not Enviromentaly friendly. I recycle all my water bottles but still feel bad about the environmental impact. Also I do not like the idea of drinking flouride (added to most tap water), from the research I have done it is only bennificial if you swish it in your mouth and can make you sick by swallowing it (which is why they say dont let kids swallow toothpaste and mouth wash). What are your thoughts?

eric answers:

Bottled is bad like you said. I like filtered tap, depending, of course, on how it’s filtered. Have you ever tried an active carbon filter? They pull all the minerals out of the water. There are all kinds of filters out there, I can’t imagine none of them taste better than bottled to you. Bottled tastes plastic to me!

Mandy asks…

is well water ok to drink?

we just moved into a new home about 5 months ago. i was excited to see that it had a well…the county water around here has WAY to much of a “chlorine” taste to it and i couldn’t handle drinking it…….We live in a very rual area so i can‘t just run to walmart “really quick” and get those refillable jugs filled…….so i resorted to buying bottled water……..The water here has been tested, its safe……..and wonderfully good and clean…….But i still didn’t drink it because i have a history of kidney stones and our well water is full of lime or whatever it is….(you can see white stuff floating around in it……So i continued to buy bottled water, but have since decided that its pointless since i have such great tasting water at home…….so my question is, do you think its ok for me to drink until i invest in a really good water filtration system? or should i just continue to buy bottled water until then? Also, what is a good water system to have? I have heard the reverse osmosis is a really good one, but i’m lost as to where to begin to get a good one…thanks so much!

eric answers:

Temporarily use a Brita water filtration jug. They have filters so you can run your well water into the pitcher and filter it. Have your well company come out and test the water just to make sure. A good filtration system will cost around $3,000.00 to $4500.00 depending on where you live and what’s available and what you need to filter out. A 2 tank system outside with salt or potassium chloride will do the trick and then the smaller reverse osmosis filters they install usually under you kitchen sink will filter the smaller stuff. It just depends on what you want to spend. Culligan has systems and I’m sure there are a couple other suppliers in your area.

Hope this helped

David asks…

Why does everyone think bottled water is like holy water?

I went shopping with some friends.

They bought bottled water and I joked with them about how they don’t drink from the tap.

They basically said the bottled water is cleaner and different from the tap…so they drink from the bottled water most of the time and the sink every once in a while. (They use Brita with the sink, though).

So then I try to convince them that the Brita filtered water is the same crap as what’s in the bottles, and they believe me.

SO, I offer the idea of getting a stainless steel water bottle so they can take it to class with them (they got bottles so they can carry it to school) and I was like, “the bottle will last 1000 years so you never have to waste your money on the bottled water.”

Know what they said? “Oh, but I don’t need something to last that long.”

Look, the only two companies that have pure filtered water are Dasani and Aquafina. Dasani is reverse osmosis filtered water with minerals added, but Aquafina is reverse osmosis filtered with nothing added. (They didn’t understand reverse osmosis or the idea of added minerals).

Is it wrong for me to be bothered that the general population thinks just like they do and is wasting oil for these dang bottles of water?

eric answers:

You make a good point.

It is a case of people with more dollars than sense!

You should also tell them their plastic bottle will last that long in a landfill!

Lizzie asks…

what is the best drinking water?

I would like to hear your experiences with drinking water. What type have you found to be safest, most thirst quenching and best tasting? I avoid tap because I rent an old home with nasty pipes. And I don’t know if any of the filter pitchers, purifiers, etc. can overcome that? I don’t have money to pay a lot. I drink plastic gallons of what is labeled as spring water. But it says reverse osmosis is used. Not sure what to make of that. Causes bitter and metallic taste in my mouth, plus upsets my stomach.

eric answers:

So if you don’t have money then doing bottled water makes absolutely no sense at all. That is the most expensive route you could have chosen.

Spring water is less regulated than the water provided to us. OK so it may be filtered to clean out sediment and improve that clarity and color. But just because it is taken from the ground does not make it better. Talk to people who have well water for their homes. It is often worse than treated municipal water.

Mineral content in water varies in not only amounts but exactly what minerals are in it from city to city, state to state, country to country. Counting on water for our mineral intake is the most ridiculous thing I ever hear some of these folks say. We should be getting water from our water and our minerals from our foods and supplementation. PERIOD. If there’s minerals in the water, fine, but that should not be where we focus on attaining them.

You want good water inexpensively? Use an eSpring. It is the highest rated system available. Check Consumer reports, the Water Quality Association and the NSF International for verification. The only thing that can get water cleaner is a distillery. Even though it is the best system it actually costs less per gallon than basic filter systems like Pur and Britta which are in turn less expensive than bottled water. It is also far easier as you don’t have to buy and transport the bottles and recycle them like a responsible citizen should.

Donna asks…

Which Beers (Imported or Domestic) Do NOT use FLUORIDATED Water for Brewing?

I’m in the process of cutting out all fluoride-infused beverages I consume (and you should, too!). With the recent research going on about how absolutely POISONING fluoridated water can be for your body (primarily reducing IQs as much as 20 points), I want to keep on drinking beer, but since the majority of them (at least domestic brewers) simply only use fluoridated tap water, I wanted some help from you guys to find out which beers either use REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTRATION, or even WELL WATER in their brews. Hopefully someone can help.

And I don’t want to hear any “fluoride doesn’t hurt” nonsense. Those answers will not be tolerated, and I’ll give you negative points!! The facts on fluoride are out there, and if you haven’t privied yourself, look it up!

eric answers:

I agree that brewers use highly filtered water. It is possible they use a reverse osmosis system but not for the water supply. Since brewers require a specific mineral content for their product processing they first filter and then add specific minerals. This is only if the water is not what they require.

FLUORIDATED Water is done my municipal water district in the USA (not all) to aid with dental health.

You can rule out most European beers.

Yeah both chlorine and flourine are bad for yeast health.

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